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Spectra Dynamic, LP, brings together successful business owners and enterprising managers who understand that marketing efforts should include creative work and produce positive bottom line results.

The Dynamic approach is strategically focused on your business and marketing goals, we blend intelligent data with a targeted campaign that yields a much greater return on your marketing investment. The data gathered through our solutions helps our clients learn more about their target audiences and fuel future marketing initiatives.
  • Intelligent Data Mining – Existing or obtained data can be enhanced with survey responses; creating a repository with all of your customer’s history, demographics and preferences.

  • Direct Mail – Deliverables include variable, full color print, customized graphics and highly-relevant messages with a call to action.

  • Personal URL (PURL) – This personalized web page is an additional media channel with limitless content potential and possibilities – i.e. survey, incentive and/ or referral feature.

  • Market Research – We employ the use of web surveys, call center interactions (in- and out-bound), focus groups and pilot studies for the purpose of identifying the characteristics of the target audience, their interests and needs.

  • Email Marketing – More than just a static blast message, we enhance with personalized content and can include voice and/ or animation.

  • Website Usability/ SEO Marketing – Includes the evaluation of the effectiveness of your site from the end-user and system-efficiency perspectives.

  • Loyalty Reward Programs – Branded, customized programs can be developed to reward external and internal audiences.

  • Tracking & Reporting– Results are crucial to ROI measurement, the results of our strategies can be measured and tracked in real time. These results are reported to you to drive profitable marketing initiatives.
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